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Using drones to map habitats (on demand)

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This on-demand course will provide participants with the basic skills needed to take images collected from a UAV platform such as a quadcopter, process the images into a scene suitable for image processing, and generate classified images. If you are interested in  live and interactive training on this course topic,  please go here

What's included?

  • 8 Sessions
  • 12 Exercises
  • 16 Videos (approx. 4h 20 min running time)
  • Total learning time approx. 15 hours

Course Objectives

  1. Gain skills to create high quality and spatially accurate habitat classification maps from data you have captured using your UAV platform.
  2. Learn how to create digital elevation and surface models.
  3. Learn how to process these data to map the heights and locations of trees and vegetation or other features.
  4. Learn how to operate your UAV platform within the law.
  5. Gain  insight into some of the problems you may encounter when flying your aircraft.
  6. Learn how to bring together the data collected by your aircraft into a spatially accurate and informative map suitable for mapping habitats and change.


Dr Paul Scholefield
Dr  Charles George
Additional material provided by Dr Ingo Schüder .

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