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Evidence Synthesis
Evidence Review - Systematic Review - Quick Scoping Review

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This on-demand course will introduce you to Evidence Synthesis, Evidence Reviews and Systematic Reviews. It will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to carry out an Evidence Review Synthesis for an area of Natural Environment research of your personal interest. You will gain and improve skills in undertaking an evidence review – from inception and question formulation with clients, to undertaking a systematic search and data extraction, and reporting.
We will also cover the nature and application of different synthesis methodologies within different evidence contexts, policy research, evidence synthesis, mapping and meta-analysis. The training involves hands-on exercises in developing review questions and undertaking a review.  
The course provides a blend of recorded teaching units, recordings from a live training course and a larger exercise doing a Quick Scoping Review.

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What's included?

  • 14 Sections
  • 13 videos (approx. 5 hrs playing time) 
  • Total learning time: 1 day
  • mini-QSR exercise
  • Presentation for download

Learning Outcome

By the end of this course you will
  • Have a better understanding of the principles of evidence review, identifying the distinction between traditional reviews and ERs
  • Gain skills in different methods for undertaking an evidence review
  • Gain transferable skills in the field of environmental science
  • Learn how to set research questions
  • Learn how to apply transparent and systematic processes when reviewing evidence
  • Be able to undertake ERs and understand the value for science-policy/business interfaces.


 The training content  for this course was developed by James Miller and Charlie Stratford with additional material provided by Dr Ingo Schüder .

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The feedback on this on-demand course is 98% positive.

“I liked the exercise on how to do an efficient search in Google Scholar best. Learning about how to search will considerably help to identify more detailed search returns.”

Kayley, student, Aug 2022
“l liked the practical exercise and the discussion of it afterwards best, as it was very useful to try to use the skills that had been discussed in the video sessions and see how they can be applied to a real review topic.” (Learner feedback, October 2022)

Learner feedback Oct 2022
"The ability to do this course remotely. It was very engaging - the course presenter was great!"
Learner feedback April 2022
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