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Climate data analysis with python

An on-demand introductory level course to help you plot, manipulate and analyse NetCDF climate data using python. Access is for 4 weeks from the date of enrollment.
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What's included?

  • 11 Sessions
  • 6 Exercises
  • 14 Videos (approx. 2hr 30 min running time)
  • Total learning time approx. 1 day

Course Objectives

  1. Use the online python platform, pythonanywhere
  2. View basic information about netcdf files in python
  3. Subset netcdf data files to required data and perform common arithmetic on them (e.g. calculating a climatology)
  4. Produce plots of the data: line graphs, spatial plots and maps
  5. Customise and edit these plots
  6. Add topographic and political features (e.g. rivers, coastlines, country borders) to map plots


Development: Matt Brown
Course Delivery: Matt Brown

Additional material provided by Dr Ingo Schüder.

Our students love us

Feedback on this course in 2022 was 94% positive
"I liked that the course content was explained right from the basics. The supporting materials helped in practicing and perfecting the commands."
Learner, July 2023
“I liked the plotting maps with cartopy exercises best, because you could make helpful plots.” 
Nikolaos Toumasis, Cranfield University, November 2022

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